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Brad & Alison’s Norwegian and Scottish Wedding

The morning of Brad & Alison’s wedding I woke up to the crash of thunder. A storm was ragging just outside my window. My first thought of the day was about the mid-afternoon wedding. I said a little prayer that we would have at least some time without storms during the day and then went about my day preparing for the special event. As it turns out we received a beautiful day. We had to dodge the occasional rain drop, but some times in life and in marriage you need to get good at “dodging the raindrops” and focusing on celebrating the beautiful. This was truly a day of celebrating the beautiful.

Brad & Alison glowed. Every time they caught sight of one another a huge smile would creep onto their faces. It was beautiful and heartwarming to watch and I felt honored to be a part. Brad & Alison’s family and friends did a gorgeous job with every last detail right down to the delicious Norwegian wedding treats, cake and every single stunning flower arrangement.

Brad & Alison's wedding rings

Alison looked stunning in her wedding dress

Brad and Alison in the church

Brad & Alison's wedding party

Alison spent some time with her dad and new father-in-law

A formal moment during the ceremony

Brad and Alison as a newly married couple

Beautiful flowers and delicious Norwegian treats

The wedding cake and programs coordinated beautifully

Norwegian treats abounded at the reception near Preston, MN

Brad and Alison shared many special moments at their reception

Father daughter dance & mother son dance

Brad and Alison enjoying a moment at their reception

Time to party!

One of my very favorite shots of the entire day camp at the very end of my time there. It was literally my last shot of the evening. Alison and her mom were out on the dance floor and just happened to turn towards the camera. “Click”.

Alison and mom dancing the night away

Thank you for allowing me into your incredibly special day. I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to sharing the rest of your photos with you soon!

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