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Do I need a professional headshot?
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If you’re a business then you probably have an “About Us” section on your website. You also almost certainly have some sort of social media profile that uses your image.  If you have a less-than-flattering image out there it might be time to consider an updated, professional headshot.

Your business website or LinkedIn profile says a lot about who you are and is often times where you get to make your first impression.  This isn’t the place (in my opinion) for an “up-against-a-wall-lighting-way-too-bright-photo-your-friend-took-on-their-smart-phone-this-morning.”  Nearly everyone you come into contact with will probably see this image. . . yep . . . everyone (Yikes!).  So, why not make it amazing?  A professional, well-lit, flattering headshot is well worth the small investment.

I recently had a wonderful group in studio for a session.  This all-women business wanted images that more adequately expressed their brand.  I absolutely love how their images turned out.  I hope you enjoy them too.

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