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Funke Family Reunion at Cedar Valley Resort

What is maybe the most important thing to bring with to any family photo session? A great attitude! This family knocked that requirement out of the park! The Funke’s were clearly having a wonderful time at Cedar Valley Resort and were enjoying their time together.

Funke Family Photos

All the cousins were having a blast…and were also looking forward to all the other fun things they were going to get to do later that day…tubing on the river anyone? Yes, please!


Funke Family Photos at Cedar Valley Resort

I think one of my very favorite things about this entire session was just how much Grandma & Grandma were enjoying their grandkids.  This next image really captures the feel this family gave me.  They had great family photo ideas, but the ones that I loved the most just sort of happened. I’m just glad I was there to capture it when it did. LOVE!

Funke family photos

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