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Fashion Friday { what to wear…it’s all about the SHOES }

senior pictures what to wear

Some people love jewelry. Some people love hats. I like jewelry…hats have never really worked for me…but…I admit it freely….

I love shoes. Love, love, LOVE them.

I think that a good pair of shoes can take an average day & give it that little boost that will make it amazing. Shoes are quite literally a supporting character in everything that we do and for everything that we wear. So, let’s talk about how to choose them for your session. Here are my thought on shoes (or boots) for your senior pictures.

FIRST and foremost, your shoes should flatter you. They should look amazing when on. Now, I know this goes against everything your momma ever taught you about picking out a great pair of shoes (I mean, comfort is king), but these shoes are for pictures. You don’t have to wear them forever…you don’t have to walk great distances in them…you don’t need to wear them for hours. They should look great & they should make you feel great when they’re on.

SECOND – They should fit, lol. I know I said they should look good first…but…if they are really uncomfortable you are going to look uncomfortable. So, make sure they fit you.

>> Sidenote: It can be a bit of a balancing act between point #1 and point #2. Only you can decide where this line is for you.

THIRD – Make sure that they add something to the photo. Do they coordinate in some way with the outfit you’ve chosen? Do they coordinate? Are they intentionally different? Do they make a statement? Do they add a little something to the outfit that otherwise wouldn’t be there?

I will pause here to tell you that flip-flops (that I wear constantly in the summer) while being very comfortable shoes, don’t really add anything to a photo. They may be the most comfortable thing you own (and they likely are)…but they just don’t photograph that well. A lot of times if you have flip-flops I will take a few shots with them on and then often times I will have you go barefoot for a few as well…

FOURTH – What can you do in that shoe? Are you going to want to be jumping? Is this part of your session for dance or sports? or is it just for a posed photo? If it’s something where you’re going to want some action in your photo make sure the shoe works in that situation. 6-inch heals are awfully hard to jump in. 😉

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST – The alternative to shoes is to go barefoot, which I LOVE as an option in a senior picture. So ladies, if you’re coming to your senior session make sure your are pretty. Nicely trimmed, quietly/subtly painted if you prefer and be ready to let your bare feet shine.

In general, just love the shoes you’re in. For me, shoes make me feel more powerful. They give you just a little extra confidence…they make you feel just a little more beautiful…and that will show through in your images. So, if you love shoes as much as I do, let’s talk shoes.


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