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Haakon’s 9 months old!
{Southern MN baby portraits}

I was thrilled to have little Haakon back in front of my camera.  I had photographed him and his family during the Marigold Day’s parade in St. Charles earlier this year.  They were making the trip back to Minnesota for the Thanksgiving holiday and wondered if I could squeeze them in.  Absolutely!  I think they are officially my family who has traveled the furthest this year having come all the way from El Paso, Texas.  I went through the photos several times before finally deciding on my favorites. I have so many more to share with you soon, but here are my top pics.

Haakon {9 months old} (1)

Haakon {9 months old} (2)

Haakon {9 months old} (3)

Haakon {9 months old} (4)

This last one might just be my absolute favorite. He is just so innocent & sweet.

Haakon {9 months old} (6)

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