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Let’s Feed People

I don’t usually post personal items, but today I am taking a deep breath and a leap of faith and have decided to do just that.

Here’s the back story.
On a cold winter’s day last winter in the late afternoon I was driving around, doing some shopping, running errands, busy with my own life.  It was a very average day.  In fact, I would say that it was actually a less than average day, because the weather was so crappy.  I think that maybe God thought I was asleep, because that’s when it happened.  As I was taking an off-ramp, there he was.  An older man standing on the side of the ramp with a simple cardboard sign in his hands.  All it said was “FOOD” in big block letters.  Now, I have seen hundreds of signs in the hands of hundreds of people asking for hundreds of different things (most of which I haven’t been able to read), but this one sign stopped me in my tracks.  This man looked like he would have fit in well at any Arnold family camp out.  He looked like someone who might sit next to me any given Sunday in church.  Yet here he was on one of the coldest days of winter at the mercy of passers by asking for FOOD.

That experience changed me.  I have seen that man and his sign in my head a million times since then. And, from that moment on I have heard this whisper in my ear “Please, feed my people.”  My heart is broken for all the people in the world who do not know where their food is coming from, and I feel God nudging me to help.  I have had lots and lots of ideas on how I might help with this, but they have all been just ideas until today.  Today, I’ve decided that I will finally listen, today I will start feeding people.

So, fromPlease, feed my people this point forward $5 of any portrait session booked with Peterson Creative Photography & Design will go to food based charities.  Through the end of 2013 I will donate half of all money raised to the Fillmore County Food Shelf and the other half to Feed My Starving Children, an international food program based out of the Twin Cities. $5 will buy about 20 meals through Feed My Starving Children.  Amazing.

This is step one.  There will be more announcements as I figure out additional steps to take.  It feels like a very small way to start, but with any luck it will be enough to motivate me to do more.  I am also considering a “Feed the People” fund-raising concert in late October.  If you happen to have a heart for this and would like to join forces feel free to get in touch.  I am excited to see what can be done.

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