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Nashville, Tennessee {Music City USA}

Nashville TN Photography

As some of you may know, I was away recently on a work trip and then vacation in Nashville, TN. I went on this trip with stars in my eyes. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Nashville. It’s siren’s song has called to me for years. The photographer’s convention, Imaging USA, was a lot of fun and very educational…and I came home with a bunch of new “toys” for the studio including a HUGE parabolic umbrella to use in upcoming studio sessions. This trip, however, has left me quietly pondering things all week…and here’s why.


Nashville TN Photography

Nashville TN Photography Nashville TN Photography

It is hard to put into words what I felt with all of the music of Nashville’s Broadway pulsing in my veins, but I’ll give it a shot. It starts with the word “Dreams”. Thousands of musicians are in Nashville every day pursuing their dreams. They are getting up every day, picking up their dreams (in this case, their instruments) and putting themselves out there. They aren’t just sitting back wishing and hoping that something magical will happen to them. They are out there. . . working really hard. . . completely exposed to the applause &/or ridicule of whoever happens to walk into the bar they’re playing in. They are looking their fears and insecurities in the face…and they’re laughing at them.

Nashville TN Photography


There is just something about being in a town where so many people are actively working on their dreams. It has started a fire inside of me. It has made me want to be more. I want to actively pursue more of my dreams. I want to be better.

Better what? you might ask…

Well, here are a few of the things I want to do better…

  • First, I want to be a better photographer. In fact, I want to be an amazing photographer. I want to take my skills and abilities to the next level. So, I have started diving into some lighting technique classes from some Master Photographers. These photographers are truly amazing. They’re ability to know and control the light in any situation is mind-boggling…and I am learning from them. I am currently learning new lighting techniques daily. I am excited and cannot wait for the weather to warm up here in Minnesota so I can start putting some of the amazing new techniques to work. I am excited.
  • Second, I want to be a better musician. One of the big loves of my life has always been (and hopefully will always be) music. I have to admit though…I’ve been a little lazy as of late. I have enjoyed waaaaayyyyyy more tv and waaaaayyyyyy less time with an instrument in my hand over the last couple of years. That phase is now over. From now until the weather warms up and I can be out in the garden (or out at a campfire) my guitar will be in my hands, the list of songs that I can play well will grow and by spring I hope to be able to play my mandolin well enough to start playing it in public. Maybe I’ll even start looking for a band.
  • Finally, and most importantly, I want to be a better mom. I want to be more present for my kids. I want to keep my eyes open so that I can help inspire them to be more…I want to help them discover the fire that will burn in their hearts.

Dreams are so important to our overall happiness. They are easy to sidestep or sweep under a rug when life speeds up, but they are very, very important. What are you dreams? What brings you joy way deep down in your heart? What can we all do to help ourselves, our families and our friends to be able to pursue these things?

Be brave. Be bold. Live life the best way you know how.

Like this wonderful little sign says “Life is a gift. Enjoy it!”

Nashville TN Photography

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