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Exciting News in the Studio!
{International Photographic Competition Results}


Sarah Peterson

As a professional photographer I am constantly working to get better at my craft. I want to know more,  grow, and learn as much as I possibly can in order to be a really great photographer.  I listen to new programs online and read up on the current trends in the industry. I go to photographer training events, work with other photographers and enter photographic print competitions.  Recently I entered the Professional Photographers of America’s International Print Competition and am thrilled to be able to announce that I have had three images accepted into the General Collection! This Collection (and my images!!!) will be on display at PPA’s annual event, Imaging USA, at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee Feb. 1-3, 2015. I am beyond excited, and wanted to share the prints with you here first.

Here is a little bit about the images that will be hanging in Nashville early next year. Oddly enough two of the three are musical in theme, so it’s extra fun that they’ll be shown in such an amazingly musical city.


“All That Jazz”

I LOVE silhouettes.  Always have. They’re beautiful & mysterious and tell us so much about the person we’re seeing without showing us much of the person. This is one of my favorite photo creations yet. I enjoy it any time I can combine design with a beautiful image.

All That Jazz


There is just something about trees. The way they look in different seasons fascinates me. This beautiful little tree is on a hillside near my home. It’s branches just felt calming to me…as if this tree was just peacefully waiting out the long winter…waiting for the inevitable spring.



Dad’s Legacy

Any of you that know me, and know my dad really don’t need a description for this one. I have never known him without a guitar in his hand. It feels like a real gift to have his print be one of the very first that I was ever able to hang at an international print competition…and in Nashville, no less.  🙂

Dad's Legacy

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