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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day {Laura & Andrew’s Engagement Photos}

The weather today is gorgeous…but just over a week ago when I was preparing to head out on an engagement photo session for my cousin Laura & her fiance Andrew it was anything but.  The temperatures were hovering around freezing and as an added bonus it was raining.   I’ll be honest, I was considering cancelling the session, after all this was set to be mostly an outdoor session.  However, I had greatly underestimated the pure sunshine that Laura brings to this world.  One quick contact with her and it was very clear that the rain and cold hadn’t put a damper on her mood in the least.  She had found an umbrella holder for me so my camera wouldn’t get wet (thanks Liz!) and she’d pulled out umbrellas and rain boots for the outdoor session. Her joy & enthusiasm was (and always is) contagious.  I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t so bad once we got out there.  It was really, really cold.  However, it was also exhilarating, joyful and a huge amount of fun on an otherwise dreary day.

Thank you Laura for always bringing the sun with you.  I am excited for all that this life holds for you & Andrew.

Laura & Andrew met and started dating while Laura was working at Christ Community Church in Rochester. We decided to start our session there and commemorate the special place this is for them.

Christ Community Church Engagement Photos


…and then, with umbrellas in hand we moved on to the great outdoors.



Near the end of our session the wind really started to blow. At one point Andrew’s umbrella nearly got away from him. Rather than grumble about the wind though, we turned it into an adorable photo opp. The wind was blowing so hard that both Andrew & Laura kept getting pulled across the ground. I did manage to get a few adorable shots though before they got too cold. This is my favorite.


They are engaged, they will marry soon and storms in life are inevitable.  However, their joyful approach to the rainy day should serve them very well in their life together. 🙂

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